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Preposiciones de lugar
1) To = "A" (direccion)
Go/ Come/ Return/ Walk etc. to...
- We're
going to London next week
- I want to
go to Italy
- We
walked from my house to the city centre.
- What time do you go to bed?
- I
Went to the airport by car.
- You must
come to our house.
Go/ come/ walk etc. home
- I'm tired. I'm
going home.
2) In/ At = "en" (situacion) 
Be/ Stay / do something etc. in..
 In: en (ciudad, pais) (cama)
At: en (otros lugares)
- My brother lives
in italy.
- The best shops are
in the city centre
- I met Ann
at the airport.
- Ann wasn't
at work yesterday.
3) Arrive in... Arrive at....
Arrive In + Pais/ ciudad
arrived in England last week.
Arrive At + otros lugares.
-What time did they
arrive at the hotel?
Arrive home.
4) On= sobre(encima de) En (medio de transporte)
On a table, On the wall, On a plane, On the floor, On a Door. On a Train, On a bus, In a car, In a Taxi.
- There are some books on the shelf and some pictures on the wall.
" En" tmb equivale a In y At."
5) Under = (debajo de)
-The cat is under the table.
- The girl is standing under a tree.
6)Above = x encima de (sin contacto)
   Below= x debajo de (sin contacto)
-The pictures are above the shelves
- The shelves are below the pictures.
7) Next to ( o beside) = Junto a /al lado de
Between = Entre
In front of = delante de
Behind = detras
8) Opposite = Enfrente de

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