Passive and Conditional sentences

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The passive:
Many students use
Computers are used by many students
Present simple passive:
I am invited
He/She/It is invited
You/we/they are invited
Past simple passive:
I/He/She/It was invited
You/we/they were invited
Present perfect simple passive:
I ´ve been invited
He/She/It ´s been invited
You/we/they ´ve been invited
Conditional sentences:
First conditional:
If + present simple + will + infinitive
If you
see the film, you will understand.
Possible or likely situacions:
If it´s cold tomorrow, i won´t walk to college.
If she doesn´t go to the party, she won´t see David.
Promises and warnings:
If you forget her birthday, she will be upset.
Second conditional:
If + past simple + would + infinitive
If you
saw the film, you´d understand.
If I had more money, I´d buy it for you.
If you had a car, you´d learn to drive.
If I were you, I´d put some suntan lotion on.
If he lived in Germany, He´d learn German
Third conditional:
If + past perfect + would have + past particle
If you
had seen the film, you would have understood.
If I had known you were coming, I would have made some dinner.

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