Pasado simple

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Reported speech.


this ---- that

these ---- those

I ---- she - he

we ---- they

my ---- her his

our ---- their

am - is - are ---- was - wer

was - wer ---- had been

will ---- would

have - has ---- had

do - does ---- did

can ---- could

must ---- had to

my ---- might

me ---- her - him

us ---- them

mine ---- his - hers

ours ---- theirs

ourselves ---- themselves

my self ---- ainself - herself

you ---- I - we - they

your ---- my - our - their

yours ---- mine - ours - theirs

here ---- there

now ---- then

today ---- that day

Nota: Todos los tiempos con continuos van con el vervo en gerundio... y el pasado perfecto y presente perfecto en participio

Presente Simple

verbo presente

pasado pasado

verbo pasado

presente continuo

auxiliar: are-am.Is+verbo en gerundio (ING) negacion: n't

pasado continuo

auxiliar: was-were+verbo en gerundio (ING) negacion: n't

presente perfecto

auxiliar: have- has+verbo en participio

pasado perfecto

auxiliar: had+verbo en participio

presente perfecto continuo

auxiliar: have been - has been+verbo en gerundio

pasado perfecto continuo

auxiliar: had been+verbo en gerundio

futuro simple

auxiliar: will+ verbo presente       negacion: won't

condicional simple

auxiliar: would+verbo presente        negacion: wouldn't

3ra Hoja

1: they said, we eate meat and rice four lunch

they said that; they ate meat an rice four lunch

2: he said, I have lived in barquisimeto with my sister

he said that; he had lived in barquisimeto with her sister

3: mary said, I study the new lessons at night

mary said that; she studied the new lessons at night

4: liz said, my mother gave mea prosent

liz said that; her mother give her a present

5: paco said, I will lived in san cristobal by my self

paco said that; he would lived in san cristobal

Pasado simple ---- pasado perfecto

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