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THE UNITED STATES:the name "America" is widely believed to have come from the Italian explorer named America Vespucci, who was the first to understand the existence of a new continent.The phrase "United States of America" was first used in Declaration.SOUTH AMERICA: south america is the 4th largest continent in area (after Asia, africa and N.America) and the 5th largest in population (after Asia, africa, Europe and N.America)./The largest country is Brazil, which is Portuguese speaking (51% of S.America's population speak portuguese).South America is home to many unique natural features:*+the highest waterfall in the world *+the largest river by volume (R.Amazon)*+the largest rainforest (amazon)*+the largest mountain range(andes)*+ the largest desert (Atamaca desert)*+the highest navigable lake in the world (lake titicaca.Bolivia/Peru)*+the worlds higest city (la paz, Bolivia)*+ the worlds southern most city (puerto toro, chile)////////////South America natural resources are gold, silver, tin, copper, oil and iron ore.COLONIZATION: beggining in the 1530's the people and natural resources were repeatedly exploited by foreign conquistadors, first from spain and later from Portugal.Euopean infectans diseases decimated the native population under spanish control.The sapnish colonies won their independence between 1804 and 1824, whilst brazil became independant from Portugal in 1822.Guyana gained its independance from Uk in 1966 and Surinam from Holland in 1975 French Guyana remains part of France.ECONOMY: Argentina has the highest GDP per capita in S.America, Us $ 14.895, but this is only 48th in the world.The difference between the rich and poor in S.America is very large with the richest 20% owning 60% of the wealth, and the poorest 20% less than 5%.Unemployement is S.America is relatively high at 10.8%.

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