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Verbos frasales:ask someone out:invitar/salir,turn someone down:rechazar a alguien o a algo,to turn up:llegar/aparecer,break up:romper,chat someone up:enteblar una conversacion,get over something:recuperarse,find out:averiguar,fall out:salirse fuera/discutir,go out with someone:salir con alguien. preposiciones:find:out,think:of,attracted:to,switch:off,on,sets:off. adjetivo+enough too+adjetivo *orden adjetivos: opinion+size+shape+age+colour+origin

My name is samuel and I am 17 years old.I am boy.I live in spain(antequera) My eyes are brown,my hair is blonde,it is schort.my face is elongated.In my family there are 4,my father,my mother,my sister and me.I have one sister,My sister is name is Marina,she is 13 yeras old.I am studying 2 baccalaureate at salle virlecha-antequera.My favourite coloure is blue,my favourite sport is the football and tennis,I live in house in anteuqera./ yo lo conozco desde hace muxo tiempo:I´ve known luke for a long time because we live in the same street when we werw young es una persona divertida:he is such a funny person

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