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                                               comparison 2 villages
                  tremp is well-know by nco studients,and most nco,s as an living hell,though it´s not the small village which frightens tremp but it´s the nco academy.the reason why they hate tremp is because they haven´t really had enough time in order get to know it ,as in my opinion it´s a very interesting village.
since i joined the army,i have knowlots of towns suchas zaragoza,toledo,melilla,jaca and alicante but none of them like tremp;olve to it being smaller than all the above mentioned towns.however,the village where i grewup is similar to tremp,so let´scompare trem.
i have always said that before travelling abroad,Ishould get to know the whole of spain so if my employer offered me three months off work with salary and cell expenses paid,i would do the pilgrim way to santiago de compostela from pirineos because ,in my opinion,it´s the best way for me to get to know ,tome ,the north of spain,wich is unknown tome.
therefore,with regard to your first questio,if i finished the way in one moth ,arriving at the real end of the way,finisterre cape,I would take he next two month travelling on foot,first from santiago to rome and finally,from to jerusalen.though it would probably take more then three month.
on the other hand,what about three months travelling and what`s more obing it on foot! what things or places wouldn´t you visit?from my point of view,all pilgrim trips end at a religius place or shouldn finish at a religious tempre.therefore,I would,visit two places in spain.santiago´s cathedral and cape finisterre .In addition, two more places but abroad;san pedro´s cathedral in rome and the mont of calvary in jerusalen ,where jesus was cruofied.

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