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TEMA 7: *Why does Gareth think Cornwall is a great place to write about? Because is a remote area and it has a beautiful coastline, a lot of small seaside towns and very dramatic scenery. It’s also rich in folklore and myths. *Why did the time pass quickly for Antonio in the pub in Bude.? Because he was heard the fascinating Richard’s story.*What do we learn about the legendary king, King Arthur? We learnt about the king, than he borned in Cornwall. *How successful was Antonio’s article for the magazine? He didn’t win the competition, but they published his story.TEMA 8: *In Britain, what happens to famous people like pop stars, actors and football players? A famous people is automatically public property. *What does Antonio say about queuing in Britain? Antonio say the queuing are in tidy lines and the British people queuing for everything. *What is special about the libraries in Britain? They are special because you can find also records, cassettes and videos.*What shows that Manchester United are a very successful football club? Its own TV channel. TEMA 9:*Apart from being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, why…? Because it was dominate by a medieval castle on a volcanic nock, it has a fascinating history and there is a lot to see. *Explain briefly how Antonio and Martin met. Antonio and Martin met in Antonio’s school in Spain. When the school did an exchange with a school from Edinburgh, then Martin arrived Antonio’s house. *What type of performances can you see an Edinburgh Festival? You can see classical music, opera, theatre a comedy.*How do the actors at the Edinburgh Festival advertise their shows? The actors advertise their shows with leaflets. *who was he first king of both England and Scotland? Where was he born…? -King James VI of Scotland and King James I of Scotland. -He borned in Edinburgh castle in a tiny room he became king in 1603.TEMA 10:*What are the Highland games? they are a competition of the traditional Scottish sports. *What is tartan and what is made from it? It’s the special pattern in the material that hilts are made from. - the material with the different coloured squares. *What is Nessie? It’s the loch Ness momter *According to tradition, what three presents must be brought to someone’s house at Hogmanay, and why? Salt (so that the family will always have something to eat), coal (so that the house will always be warm) and a bottle of whisky (so that the family will always have something to drink)

Actually: de hecho.Atmosphere: ambiente. walls:murallas de la ciudad.Civilise:refinadoCountdown:cuenta atrás.Crowded:atestado de gente.Despite:a pesar de.Dissapointed:decepcionados.Drowned:se ahogo.Embarrassing:embarazoso.Encouraged:animaba.Endless:interminables.Engines:motores.Evil:malvadas,malignas.Former:antiguos.Goggles:gafas.Haunts:se aparece.Haven’t got on well: no se han.With each other: llevado bien.Hesitate:dudó.Horns:cuernos.I’m…looking:estoy deseándolo.I´m very fondof: quiero mucho a.Isolated: aislado.It didn’t take long: no tardé mucho.Juggled: hacian juegos de malabares.Kickedoff: hizo el saque.Kilts: faldas escocesas.Layers: capas. Eláter:piel,cuero.Lumpy: picado, con grumos.Mate: hombre, tio. Melted:se derritio.Mince pies: pastelitos dulces. Muddly:embarrado. Mustard: mostaza.On my own:solo.On the fringe: al margen. Play jokes on: gastar bromas a.Pond: estanque. Pride:orgullo. Reindeer:renos.Reminded:recordaba.Reviews: criticas. Rough:embravecido.Scored:marcaba un gol.Seaside:costeras.Skins and furs:pieles de animales. Slang:argot.Stained glass:vidrieras. Stockings:medias, calcetines.Tanned:Moreno, bronceado.Took advantage of: aproveché.Townspeople:habitants de la ciudad.Tram: tranvia.Trut: confia en.Uncovered: descubiertos.Wave: saluda.Were filled: se llenaron.Were performed: se representaron. Weren’t allowed: no se les permitía.Would be held: se celebrarian.

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