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TEMA 1:*What did Pablo think was crazy about British pubs? Pablo thought that there are bars in Spain than didn’t open until 11:00.*Why do people go to Trafalgar Square on New Year…? The people go to Trafalgar Square on N.Y.E because is tradition and they want to heard Big Ben’s bells.*Why is the Globe Theatre famous? Because is where most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed for the first time. *Why are plays only performed in the Glove Theatre…? Because there isn’t roof over the centre of the building. If it rains, you get wet.*In Shakespeare’s time, who played…? The female roles were played by teenage boys because the woman weren’t allowed to be actresses.TEMA 2:*Why is travelling on the Tube in London interesting? Because you can see people of very nationality ad it was nice to see that everyone seemed accustomed to the great variety of races and religions in this city. *What do people do at the Nothing Hill Carnival? They go to eat West Indian food and dance Caribbean music. *What is a cockney? Is a traditional person from the East End of London. They have a very strange way of talking, called cockney rhyming slang. TEMA 3:*Who built the city of York and what was it originally called? The Vikings built the city they called Jorvik.*What is a guest house or B & B? It’s a type of hotel. Sometimes it’s called bed and breakfast.*What period of time is covered at the Jorvik Viking Centre? They were buried under all the layers of the next 1000 years.*What do we learn about the most famous stained glass window in York Minster? The most famous windows are at the east end of the cathedral and tell the story of the beginning and end of the world. *What might you heard at night in the Castle Museum? You can hear the ghosts of former prisoners, crying and pulling their chairs across the stone floor. TEMA 4: *What is special about Oxford University? Is special because it’s one of the most historically interesting towns in Britain. *Why was Antonio disappointed when he arrived in Oxford? Because he wanted see a town that’s full of history , not pizzerias. *What effect has the Scholastic Massacre had on the life of Oxford? The effect is the townspeople and university students haven’t got on well with each other for more than 600 years.*What unusual tradition is there in Oxford on May Morning, after the May Ball? The people jump from the bridge into the river.

TEMA 5: *Give the reasons why Antonio was happy that Nicola had invited him to her parents’ house for Christmas. -Because Nicola’s father have a Bentley. -Because they went to Midnight Mars. -Because he wanted pass an English Christmas properly.*Why did Antonio enjoy himself on Christmas Eve? Because he didn’t know anything about the way to celebrate Christmas Eve. The Nicola’s family and he asked about the turkey. *When do the British have Christmas dinner and what is the traditional menu? The traditional menu is roast turkey, the roast potatoes and the vegetables. *When did Antonio receive his Christmas presents and what were they? Antonio received his presents after the breakfast, Nicola’s parents gave him a bottle of Scotch whisky and Nicola gave him a book about Shakespeare. *How do you open a Christmas cracker, and what is inside it? I open a Christmas cracker pull the each end. It has inside a coloured paper hat. TEMA 6:*How long has Antonio known Gareth and how did they get to know each other? Antonio known Gareth since he was a child, because their parents were university friends and their families always spent their holidays together in Almeria. *Why does Gareth tell Antonio to give Angharad a love spoon? Because Antonio wanted to go out with her.*What three things impressed Antonio and the Eisteddfod? The magnitude of the event, everything was in welsh, there were some children singing in the eisteddfod. TEMA 7: *Why does Gareth think Cornwall is a great place to write about? Because is a remote area and it has a beautiful coastline, a lot of small seaside towns and very dramatic scenery. It’s also rich in folklore and myths. *Why did the time pass quickly for Antonio in the pub in Bude.? Because he was heard the fascinating Richard’s story.*What do we learn about the legendary king, King Arthur? We learnt about the king, than he borned in Cornwall. *How successful was Antonio’s article for the magazine? He didn’t win the competition, but they published his stor

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