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THE STOLEN LETTER:-who was georges godinot?he was the head of the paris police.-who took the princess’s letter from the table?monsieur Lebrun stole the letter.-why had the police attacked Lebrun?because they were looking for the stolen letter.-what address was Lebrun trying to find for dupin?he was trying to find the address of a good doctor.-what did dupin leave on the table in lebrun’s house?he left his gold cigarette case.-why did Lebrun run to the window and open it?because he heard a shot in the street.-why did the man fire the gun?because dupin asked him to shoot to distract Lebrun so he could get the letter.THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE:-how did the policeman and the other men get into the house?one of them broke the front door.-how had madame espanaye been killed?someone almast cut her head with a share knife.-how many voices were heard?two voices were heard.-where did dupin see the two bodies?he saw them in one of the rooms.-how had the killer,or killers,escaped?they escaped through one of the windows in the large room.-how were the windows fastened?with a nail.-what was wrong with the second nail?part of it was broken.-where had dupin found the red-brown hairs?he found then in madane espanaye’s right hard.-what did dupin think about the piece of ribbon?he thinks the man with the oran-gutan lost his ribbon and that he is a soiler.-how did the orang-utan kill Camille espanaye?he using her around in the air and as he caught her by the reck,it broke.-what happened to the orang-utan?he was sold to the director of the animal gardens of paris.-what did godinot think was unfair?he thought that someone outside the police had found the answer to the mystery was unfair.DOWN INTO THE MAELSTROM:-how old was the man?he was 36.-what made him seem a lot older than that?his hair had turned white.-for how long did the maelstrom last?it lasted for 6 hours.-what happened to the man’s younger brother?he was blown into the sea and last.-why dind’t that happen to the man himself? he was lying flat in the middle of the boat.-what did his elder brother do when they got close to the pool?he took his brother’s iron ring.-which things travelled fastest to the bottom of the whirlpool?big objects travelled faster.-what happened to the story-teller himself?he tired himself to a bam9el and saved his life.

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