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Essendean , David 17, Alexander (dominie) y mama muertos, papa le da carta a hijo para tio Ebenzer Balfour (try to kill David, and then he sold him for 20 pounds to Captain Hoseason - kidnap - sell as a slave in America) - House of Shaws - Cramond (near Edingburgh) - Queensferry - Firth of Forth (grand ship) - Alan Breck (saves David and kills everybody in the ship, gives David silver button) , Captain Moseason, Mr. Riach (helps in his way David) , Mr. Shuan (kill Ransome) - Orkney islands - Little Minch - Los iva a llevar a Loch Linnhe - Island of Mull - Erraid (crash with the rocks) no Vivian personas, comio shellfish, tide is low - Mull - habla con un weon, en una casa, y le dice que vaya a Appin, par aver a james Stewart clansman - Torosant - across Lochaline - Kingairlock - Loch Linnhe - Appin - Stewarts, enemies of the Campbells, they help english army - Collin Campbell headleader (red haired) - he meets him, somebody kills him, he runs and meets Alan - fell down in the heather and lay without moving - Inveraray (Campbell country - court) - James Stewart primero y después Lowlands - he accuses Alan and David 4 killing Campbell - gives money, food and guns - Lowlands journey - rock valley Glencoe - lay on the rock, baking in the sun -

next valley, cave (hiding place) - Alan sends a man to James 4 money - 3 days later, he says that James is in prison for murder - across the muntains, sick, meet with 4 men, Cluny Macpherson, head of Mac.. clan, fight against English 45 - cave - ill - Alan loses his and David money at cards - angry - become again friends - very ill - he helps David - Lowlands - cross River Forth by boat from Limekilns - Alan hidden in the fields - Queensferry - Mr. Rankeilor (lawyer) - tells the story - have a plan how to convince Ebenzer (no court) - go to house of Shaws with Torrance, secretary of Rankeilor - Alan makes Ebenzer say the truth - Ebenzer will stay there until lifetime - he will pay every year - Rankeilor gives David money to buy a place ina ship for Alan and sends a letter to a lawyer who will help James - Mr. R and Torrance go to Queensferry and Alan und David to Edinburgh - Alan, France and David highlands to help James.
Accuse, Attack, cabin, court, fog, Gaelic, heather (plant), kidnap, lawyer, officer (ship or army who gives orders), porridge, prove, sharply (crossly, angrily), shilling (old british coin), thunder, tide (rise or fall of the sea twice a day), wade (walk through water), whistle, aye (yes), bairn (child), clan, clansman, dominie, grand, lad, ye.

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