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PAST CONTINUOUS:añadiendole -ing y poniendo was were, wasn¨t weren¨t.some:uno solo, any: varios.adjetivos superlativos:the strongest, the fattest, the healthiest, the most exciting.comparativo:are ...... than. HAVE TO:afirmativa:have to, negativa:don¨t have to, interrogativa: do...have to.BE GOING TO:affirmative:¨re going to have, negativa:¨m not going to go, interrogativa:are...going to do.
My dream holiday to Sri cancun, mexico. I would like to go there because I love its long white beaches and its average temperature of 30 °, and if I would like to visit Chichen Itza and the ancient Mayan city, for its great beauty, and tambiedn visit Mexico City, which is the capital of the country, although this heavily contaminated ... THE END.

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