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Dear [ corte inglés mangament ]:
This letter is to notify you about a problem I am having with the new DVD That i have bought at your shop, El corte ingles, the last sunday at 8:00 pm
I am dissatisfied with your product because it dosn´t work correctly . I have already attempted to resolve this problem , but it is impossible, becose it always says "insert DVD" I have enclosed copies of my records
. Include copies of receipts . Unfortunately, the problem remains unresolved. I am hereby requesting that you: to change it for another DVD , becose in the shop they says that the problem is becouse my TV is wrong, but tahat is false.
Please contact me to confirm that you will honor my request. I have prepared a complaint for submission to the proper agencies for investigation. Thank you for your anticipated assistance in resolving my problem. Please contact me at my telephone number (555-268578) if you have any questions. Please, i am desesperated, and this is the first problem that i have with el corte inglesSincerely,
Jose Francisco Tornero Aguilera

With the arrival of the good time, become oxygenated with the sports outdoors, excellent for your figure and to relax: · For the top part of the body, the oar or or the boat they exercise the muscles of the abdomen and of the arms. · For the low part of the body, the bicycle and the jogging strengthen all the muscles of the legs, from the fingers of the feet up to the buttocks. · The swimming also is very good for the thighs and the shoulders. · As for the team sports (volley, basketball, football …), practised during 90 followed(continued) ones, train the resistance of the heart and burn the fats.

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