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redaccion persona famosa:Elvis presley was one of the best rock and roll singers in the world.He was born in 1935 in East Tapeño Mississipi.He had a twin brother who died at birth.His family was poor.Hi parents were called vernon and Gladys.Elvis worked was a track driver after he left school.He won server all competitions becauyse he sany very 1955 in elvis had a manager called tom 1956 elvis had won six gold discs.he won many of them during his life.he died on august 16 1977.many people say that he died because he took too many drugs and pills.// redaccion sobre mi: my name is ..., im seventen years old.i was born in zgz in 1992.ilive with my mother´s name is teresa and my father´s name is joauquin.i also have a sister called teresa.she is twenty years old.she is studing in barcelona this year.i study at jeronimo... high school.i like english very much and i love playing footbal in my free time.i like going out with my friends at weekends.i always play football on saturdays. on sundays i usually go to the cinema.i love cinema.someimes i go to have a pizza or a burger with my friends.i think i enjoy living my life.

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