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   TEXT1:my parents educated me in order to be a good person, son and friend.they taught me things that are part of my personality.however,i didn't learn only from them.when i was a child, one of my friends' father died of lung cancer and that taught me smoking is very bad.i also saw children fighting and it taught me violence is never childhood friends always helped me when i had a problem so now i know friendship and family are really important.TEXT2:there are different sorts of music like house,hip-hop,r&b, favourite music is dance and pop-rock. i like it because it makes me feel happier when my day is not being good.el canto del loco,estopa and bob sinclar are some of my favourite bands.i went to a concert of ecdl that they had in village where i spend my holidays. these concerts are very good because you meet new people and have a good time.ser estar: be was/were been llegar a ser:become became became morder:bite bit bit romper:break broke broken construir: build built built comprar: buy bought bought poder:can could been able elegir: choose chose chose venir: come came came costar: cut cut cut hacer: do did done beber: drink drank drunk conducir: drive drove driven comer: eat ate eaten caer: fall fell fallen sentir:feel felt felt encontrar:find found found olvidar:forget forgot forgotten congelar:freeze froze frozen conseguir:get got got dar:give gave given ir:go went gone colgar:hang hung hung tener:have had had oir:hear heard heard golpear:hit hit hit mantener:keep kept kept conocer/saber:know knew known aprender:learn learnt learnt abandonar:leave left left prestar:lend lent lent hacer:make made made conocer: meet met met poner:put put put leer: read read read montar: ride rode ridden correr: run ran run sacudir/temblar: shake shook shaken decir: say said said ver: see saw seen mandar: send sent sent sentarse: sit sat sat dormir: sleep slept slept hablar: speak spoke spoken gastar:spend spent spent extender: spread spread spread nadar:swim swam swum tomar/coger:take took taken contar: tell told told pensar: think thought thought tirar:throw threw thrown entender:understand understood understood ganar: win won won escribir:write wrote written .CONDICIONALES:tipo 0(truths):if+present simple,present simple.1ºtipo(posible):if+presente simple,will(inf)2ºtipo(potesis):if+pasado simple,would(inf)-if+i were,could(inf)3ºtipo(imposible):if+pasado perfecto(had+part.),would have+part.-could have+part.OTHER:unless(if not)-whether(if)-even if/even though(incluso/aunke)-as long as/providing/provided that(con tal de k)-i wish(ojala,deseo)+past,past perfect,would(inf futuro)-if only(deseo)+past,past perfect,would(inf futuro). VERBOS:ABOUT :agree(star d akuerdo sobre),hear(oir sobre),learn(aprender sobre),protest(protestar sobre),talk(hablar sobre),think(pensar sobre).AT:arrive(llegar edificios)laugh(reirse d algo),look(mirar),protest(protestar de),shout(gritar a alguien),work(trabajar en).FROM:die(morir d algo),hide(esconderse d algo),suffer(sufrir de).FOR:apologise(disculparse por),apply(solicitar algo),campaign(hacer campaña a favor de),pay(pagar por),wait(esperar).IN:arrive(llegar ciudads,poblacions),believe(ceer en),take part(tomar parte en).OF:die(morir d algo),dream(soñar con),think(pensar en).ON:concentrate(concentrarse en),depend(depender de),insist(insistir en),spend(gastar el dinero en),rely(depender de).TO:belong(pertenecer),get married(casarse con),listen(escuxar),talk(hablar cn alguien),write(escribir a).WITH:agree(estar d akuerdo cn algien),argue(discutir cn),talk(hablar cn algien).ADJETIVOS:about:angry,disappointed,happy,sorry,,amazed,bad,good,shocked,slow,,annoyed,bored,confused,disappointed,embarrassed,excited,frightened,surprised.from:different,far.for:early,famous,ready,responsible,,interested.of:ashamed,afraid,aware,fond,full,proud,,introduced,kind,married,opposed,polite,related,similar.with:disappointed,happy,patient,pleased,satisfied.) .

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