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FIRST CONDITIONAL:    If/ Unless + Present Simple + will + verb|||SECOND CONDITIONAL: If/ Unless + Present + Would + verb ||THIRD CONDITIONAL:  If+ Past Perfect  Simple + would have + past participle ||| THE PASSIVE: be +  past participle ---Present Simple:(They made that car in Japan-> That car is made in Japan)Present Perfect: ( Somebody has cleaned this room -> This room has been cleaned)Present Continuous: (Somebody is cleaning the room-> The room is being cleaned)Past Simple: (They broke the window-> The window was broken (by them) )Past Continuous: (Somebody was making the bed-> The bed was being made)Future Simple: ( I will finish this exercise soon-> This exercise will be finished soon)Be Going To: ( She is going to clean her teeth-> Her teeth are going to be cleaned (by her) )Modal: (I can do it-> It can be done (by me)) ||| Is/are/was/were/->being+ past participle |||Has/have/had-> been+ past participle |||REPORTED SPEECH: can-could|may-might|have to- had to| will-would ---Simple present:  The teacher said: I want to go to  play tomorrow (the teacher said that she wanted to go to play the next dayPresentcontinuous: The student protested:  I’m not talking now (the student protest that he wasn’t talking thenSimple past: Lucia said: I studied a lot yesterday ( Lucia said that she had studied a lot de day before)Future: The teacher said: I’ll give you homework today ( The teacher said that she would give us homework that day) ||| CONNECTORS: Although-> Aunque| Furthermore-> Además | Therefore-> Por lo tanto| Also-> También

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