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You Should: - …help poor people - …respect people - …consider to be something in the future - …forgive - …give affection to those who want. you shouldn’t: - …bully at school anyone - …have to envy of anyone - …worry about what other people think of you - …abuse the people - …be afraid of anything or anyone since: -I’ve lived here since 1992 -she has been here since 8p.m. -she hasn’t seen him since April - I am not at the seen since last Sunday - No study since last week for: -he has studies English for a long time - he hasn’t played the guitar for 10 years - I do not see my cousins for 3 months - my grandfather is in an armpit for 2 years - my dog this for 2 weeks in the veterinarian. How long: … have you been at this school? I have been in this school four years since 2004 -…haves you know your best friend? I know my best friend 13 years since 1995 -…these shoes since I have the 8 months ago since October-… have you had your mobile phone? I have my mobile phone for a long time -…have you lived in yours house? I've lived in my house for 5 years since 2003 vocabulary: -humant rights: derexos humans - environment: medio ambiente -health: sano -peace: paz -justice: justicia -education: educacion - build: construer -relate: relacionarse -research: investigacion -compaigus: campaña -serius: grave -acciones: vacuna -uncouth: inculto
in africa there was famine in the 19 th century_ the rich should give food to the poor -war(guerra) There are wars in Iraq_ Governments should reach some agreement -illiteracy(analfabeto) in spain there is a very high percentage of illiteracy_ the people should go to college and study -disease(enfermedad) throughout the world there are millions of people who die of diseases_ should make hospitals more and more methods decuracion -racism(racismo) there is too much racism wherever you go_ we should treat everyone equally -poverty(pobreza) There is more poverty than wealth_ the rich people should help the poor giving things that do not require -bullling(acoso)

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