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her name´s Noemi.
she is a tall girl, she´s thin, and she has got long, curly and black hair.she has got black eyes. she doesn´t wear glasses. Noemi es very beautiful, attractive and very funny.
she has lots of positive points. she´s a very good friend, she understands me, she´s also very kind and very hard- working. but she also has some negative points. she´s a little bit irresponsible and a bit gossiper.

she is good ar school.she likes Maths and French.Noemi listens to all my problems and she gives me good advice.
she loves playing basketball and swimming.(she´s very good ar sport). she also loves listening to music and dancing, even though her favourite hobby is reading books.
to conclude, she´s my best friend and I´m lucky to have her for a friend.

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