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Oraciones pasivas:
-They sell stamps in a post office.
Stamps are sold in a post office.
-They painted this room last month
This room was painted last month.
-They have repaired the car.
The car has been repaired.
-They will buy the dress.
The dress will be bought by they.
-They are pulling down the old theatre.
The old theatre are being pulled down.
-We must look for the keys.
The keys must be looked for.
Oraciones pasivas impersonales:
Verbos (allege, believe, consider, estimate, expect, guess, know, report, say, think, understand)
-We believe this ban is Britain's first.
It is believed that this ban is Britain's first.
I Conditional:If+present simple/fúturo simple
If you come, I will go.
II Conditional:If+pasado simpl/condic. simple
If you came, I would go
III Conditional: If+past perf./condic. perfecto
If you had come, I would have gone.
Past continuous:
Aff. Sujeto+was/were+Vb. ing.
Neg: Sujeto+wasn't/weren'
Int: Was/
Past simple:
Aff: Sujeto+Vb.ed (2º columna)
Neg: Sujeto+didn't+Vb.inf.
Int: Did+sujeto+Vb.inf?
Present simple:
Aff: Sujeto+Vb (s/es)
Neg: Sujeto+don't/doesn't+Vb.inf
Int: Do/does+sujeto+Vb.inf?


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