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I went to a party last week.The party I went to was in a friend´s´house.Many people went to the party.the children were wearing black yellow and red and the girls dressed up in pink and green.I met many people.Most of the people drank too much.The music finished at 7 o`clock.I had to get back home by taxi I went to sleep.

What do you think about the big bottle?Do you like it?do you thinck that it is good?-On the one hand,the big bottle represent a big adventage for young people,because you can meet new people.Also,it is cheaper than the pub , which are very expensive and spend a lot of money .-On the other hand,the big bottle can be bad for our health.People drink too much alcohol,and the use violence,also there are people who drive when they have drunk alcohol.Another disadventage is that when people drink too much they have sexual relations that they do not really want.-In my opinion,I am in favour of the big bottle because I save a lot of money and we meet friends to enjoy the party.
what do you think about mobiles phones?do you like them?do you think that they are good?-On the one hand,mobiles phones represent a big adventage for society,because the allon comunication from long distances.Besides,the mobile phone has got many uses:you can record with them,listen to music and they can take photos and videos.-On the other hand,mobiles phones can be bad for our health,although this problem hasn´t already been demonstrated.In adittion it is a loss of money sometimes with out being necessary.-In my opinion,I am in favour of mobiles phones because I can speak with my friends when I need them.
Maria is in her teens.She is slim and tall.She has got brown hair and brown eyes.She is well-built,she has got a small month.Maria is easy going and polite,and she is never nervous and tense.She is always very kind and she always helps and listens to people.However amons her bad points she is mean and she never invites her friends.She is also competitive at school,and she always wants the best marks

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