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People: somebody/someone anybody/anione nobody/noone alguien
Things: something/anything/nothing algo/nada
Places: somewhere/anywhere/nowhere
as easy as- tan como / not as easy as
lese easy ther-
the most intelligent/ the lest intelligent/ more intelligent than
less... than- menos que

Presente Perfecto simple: he has played o been Ha jugado
I have never been/ I havent finished yet/ have you ever flown?
Presente Perfecto continuo: he has been playing Lleva jugando
How long have you been going out together? for/since SINCE LAST
Pasado simple: I played Jugo. You phone while I was having a shower, yesterday, at midnight, I often went to the park. Did
Pasado Perfecto Simple: I had played Habia jugado. By the time, already, after (ocurrio antes q otra accion pasada)
Pasado Perfecto continuo: I had been playing Ha estado
by the time, since.
Presente Simple: I play/he plays. Often/every day/ on Fridays, How often. Hechos y verdades, situaciones permanentes. Do, does
Presente continuo: I'm playing. at the moment/ right now, this week, always, tomorrow, this year...
Pasado Coninuo:
I was playing. at 8pm PC when PS- PS while PC
Used to: I used to play, I didnt use to play, Did I use to play?

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