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Nowadays, Euthanasia is a controversial problem that causes death on the one hand, to patients who suffer pain or voluntary people who have psychological problems.|| These patients who suffer pain because of an illness like cancer, aids…, and illness which damage health of people and they want to end their lives. They people are desperate for damage caused, like the cause of a French teacher who wants to end their life because of an illness which hasn’t got are and her children will help to die in peace because all people have the right to die.||On other hand, people who have a psychological problem want to die because of a moral damage due to lack of a friend or family member. A particular case is that a Dutch woman whose children died and her husband, she wanted to die because she couldn’t go on living.||Concluding, euthanasia will be done in a very continuous way over time and in the future there will unfortunately be many diseases why people only live to suffer and death is worthy.

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