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Dear Miguel,

How is life going? I have been very busy, and that's why I haven't written to you. I'm writting to you now to describe you my best friend because I want you to meet her.

Her name is Andrea, and we have been friends for about four years. She lives in La Garriga. She's short and pretty. She has straight long dark hair. Her eyes are brown. She has piercing on her lip. She have many friends because she's very frinendly.

I hope that you will like her even tought she's very outgoing.

I hope you write me back

Last summer, mu best friend andrea and I decides to go Tibidabo. We were very excited to go there because the weatherman said that it would be very sunny. We arrived there at 11a.m.

We went running inside the amusement park, and we started with " Atalaya". It was great, but when the ride finished it started to rain. After two hour my friend Andrea started to get sick.

we went outside the amusement park, and I called my parents, and asked them to pick us up.

Andrea and I decided to come back again on Halloween and see if we were luckier

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