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1.First conditional: If+Present tense   will+infinitive// USE: used to talk about real possibilities and their results.

2.Second conditional: If+Past tense   would+infinitive// USE: used to talk about imaginary present or future situations and their imaginary results.

3.Unless(sinó)---> If not //  4. In case(posibility) USE: to talk about smth that might happen.

4.Third conditional: (if clause)if+past perfect simple   (main clause)would have+past participle // USE: to talk about imaginary situations in the past.

5.Wish/If only: USES: wish/if only+past simple to talk about a present regret.

                               wish/if only+past perfect to talk about a past regret.

                               wish/if only+would/could to talk about the future.

carry on-continue doing// call on-visit someone// come on-appear// count on-be sure of something// send on-forward(corresponse)// try on-provarse algu// hang on-esperar// get on well-make good progress.

bargain(ganga) refund(reembolsament) receipt(rebut) cash(diners efectiu).

landscape(paisatge) portrait(retrat) canvas(lona) masterpiece(obra mestra).

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