Gulliver's travels

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A journey to Lilliput:
Chapter 1:One day Gulliver went to the East Indies, but a great wind carried us the wrong way. The ship hit something in the water and broke, we fell into the water. The wind carried me away from the other men. When I woke up I was on my back, I could not move. I saw strings across my body. I saw a man, he was smaller then my hand. The smaller man spoke. I understood: we will not hurt you, but don’t try to run away. They gave me some food. They took me to the king. They gave me a house, it was a church. They tied me.

Chapter 2:I learned their language, but they never untie the strings. I gave my sword and my guns to the king. The king gave me a rules, I accepted them and after that they untied the strings from my leg.

Chapter 3:Reldresal, a good friend, spoke to me. He explained me the war between the big-enders and the little- enders. The king and most people are little-enders, but the island of Blefuscu help big-enders. I wanted help my king and I destroyed his war ships. The war end. I wanted go to Blefuscu, and there his king came out and met me.

Chapter 4:One day on the north-east of the island, I saw a boat in the water. I take the boat hear the beach. With the boat I could go back to my country and I left to the island of Blefuscu. In the sea I saw other ship and I gave my things and I carried into it. I talked about my journeys and I showed the little animals from Lilliput.

Gulliver in Brobdingnag:
Chapter 1:I wanted traveled. I went to the Indies. In the sea I saw and island. When I was in there my ship left. In the island there was very big people. In the beach of the island a farmer picked up me. He took me in your home. He had a wife and children. The farmer’s daughter looked after me every minute, and she helped me. The farmer took me from the other country and he showed me to the people, and the people pay money. One day I was very ill, and the daughter looked after me.

Chapter 2:I was very ill. The farmer carried me to the Lorbrulgrud because the king wanted show me to the queen. The queen like me and she bought me from the farmer for a lot of money. Glumdalclitch came with me. They built a house for me. The king liked to have me and my little table near him. He asked me questions about Europe and its people, its laws and ideas, and its rulers. I spoke to him about our war, the fights between our churchmen, and our Parliament. The king was very interested. He often asked for me, I had to talk about my country, about our Parliament,…And one day I tell him about gunpowder. The kings don’t like speak of these things and he forbid me talk about the gunpowder. He is a good king and he doesn’t want to hurt anybody.

Chapter 3:I traveled with the queen and the king in the south. We arrived near the sea. I and Glumdalclitch went to sleep in the beach. When I woke up one seabird is carrying me away. After, I fell into the sea and went down…down. Suddenly my box came up and I hear the sound of people. I was next to the ship and in this ship were Englishmen. I traveled with her to England.

Gulliver in the Country of the Houyhnhnms:
Chapter 1:I left England to make another journey. Some men took away our ship and after a time they left me in a beach. I saw some animals strange, ugly and hairy. Some of them looked like monkeys and the other were horses. Later we arrived in a house: The horse’s house. There was an owner and his servants. They were good people.

Chapter 2:I was talking to the owner. He explained me things of his region and he asked me things about the people in England. He made me angry when he said I was a yahoo.

Chapter 3:After a time the grey horse told me that I had to go. I was better than the other yahoos, I learned faster. I was sad, but I had to make it before that to months. 6 weeks later I was already in England.

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