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My name is Francisco Jose. I’m twenty years old and I’m Spanish. I live in Aznalcazar. It is a small city in the east of Sevilla. It’s a very nice city with a very old church.

I’m quite tall (about 1, 76) and I’ve got short black hair. My eyes are black. My hobbies are going to the cinema and listening to music. I love romantic films.´´ titanic´´ is  great. My favourite band is El Canto Del Loco .Do you know them? They’re from Spanish. Football is my favourite sport. I’ve got  a brother and a sister. My brother, Antonio is seventeen, and my sister  Maria Jesus, is ten. Antonio is my best friend. I talk to him about everthing..Maria Jesus is nice too, but she’s very young.

 I was born in Aznalcazar (Sevilla) in 1989. I started school in Aznalcázar when I was three years old. I studied English and mathematics. The school day was very long. In the winter, lessons started at eight o’clock in the morning and finished at three o’clock in the afternoon. There were only eighteen students in my class. I left school when I was about fourteen years old and two years later I made an informatics cours. This year, I started in adult class.

In 2004 I won a medal in a popular race through the streets of my hometown.

In 2008 I took my driver’s licens.

When I was eleven years old. I decided to visit Disneyland in Paris. I didn’t have any money but I bought ticket. I stayed in Paris for two days.

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