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if not=nless
TYPE0:if/simple presen + simple present
-if/when;hechos y acciones que se aceptan como ciertos(if i spend too long watching tv,i get headache);para dar ordenes(if you see rubbish,pick it up¡)
TYPE1:if/simple prensent +simple future(will)
-if/unless;hechos futuros que son posibles probables(she'll see david if she goes to the party);para hacer promesas o advertencias(if you pass all your examns,i'll take you on holifay)
TYPE2:(if)simple past + simple contitional(would + inf. sin to)
-situaciones presentes y futuras que son improbables(if i had a yacht,i would travel arround the world)
TYPE3:(if)past perfect(had + -ed) + perfect conditional(would have + past participle)
-hechos hipoteticos del pasado que no sucedieron(if they had gone by bus,they would have arrived much later
reporter speech
-present simple(i take)-past simple(i took)
-present continuous(i am taking)-past continuous(i was taking)
-past simple(i took)-past perfect(i had taken)
-present perfect(i have taken)-past perfect(i had taken)
-will(i will take)-would(i would take)
-can(i can take)-could(i could take)
-next week-the following week
-today-that day(aquel dia)
-tonight-that night(esa noche)
-tomorrow-the following day
-yesterday-the day before(el dia anterior)
last week-the previous week

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