Formal Letter

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Formal Letter

Useful language

Reason for writing                                                      Request for action

I am writing with regard/reference to . . .       I would appreciate it/be grateful if you would...

I am writing to express (my concern        

about/disappointment with/disapproval         It seems only fair that you should ...

of/apologies for) . . .                                I look forward to receiving/seeing . . .reading

I would like to draw your attention to/            I trust/very much hope you will. . .

point out (certain inaccuracies) . . .              I expect/request...

Introducing points

Firstly/To begin with/Moreover/

Furthermore/in addition/Finally

(I feel) I must also (dis)agree with . . .The comments made, the impresion given of, the suggestion that

I should also like to point out that .. .

According to your (article)/your

(article) states that . . . However,  expose... explain...assure

usar linking words, nouns, adverbs, adjetives

Formal letter
Dear Mr Roberts al final serà yours sincerely
the reason of this letter is to present my opinion about..... and also to propose additional changes.
to begin with, ...and I would take up more ...So I suggest

Dear Sir,/Madam, (aclarar puntos en relación a un reporte publicado en revista)

I am writing with regard to your article...which appeared...I should like to make it clear to...

the comments made do not apply to...

firstly, the impresion given ceratinly not true of...More over, the reason addition

I must also disagree with the suggestion that...Indeed, I would like to take this opportunity to...

desire outcome

 I very much hope you will print...look forward to seeing

yours faithfully

Przemyslaw Sokolowsky


Dear Editor, (expresar insatisfacción a un artículo publicado en el periodico)

I am writing on the part express our dissatisfaction whit the report published...we feel that we deserve at least, public excuses.

To begin with...,we must expose that the consideration of dull event according to...might be easily explained if...Our sources testify...In the same time,

As for encuanto...,we can assure that, as well as,

To sum up, our judgement(juicio) of the event...Consequently, we request a professional reort based a signal of repect for.

We are looking forward to reading...

Your sincerely

Cécile Dupont


Dear Ms Holdey (respuesta a la peticion de trabajo)

I am writing with reference to your letter of...I would like to congratulate you...

In your letter you expressed/showed an interest in...I assure you  we would...However, due/owing (debido a)...

We shall of course keep your letter on our files...When this occurs, we shall contatc you inmediately.

In the meantime (mientras tanto), I would like to wish you luck...

Yours sincerely

Robert Snipe


Dear Sir/Madam,    (formal/informal)

I am writing in response to your advertisement, which appeared in...I am interested in...I would like/want further information about...

Firstly, (you could give me a few)/I would be grateful for details...I would/I'd be interesed to know how...

I also have a couple of question/some queries regarding costs.  In particular, I would like to know the price...Could you also let me know/indicate wheter...

If you have a brochure with...; send me/I would be placed to receive a copy...I look/I'm looking forward to getting your answer/receiving your reply.

Yours faithtfully,


Dear Sir,

I feel I must draw your reader's attention to the poor quality of a recent package tour organised by Cosmic Tours.

 In particular, I want to complain about the hotel food, wich was appalling(pesimo). My housband and I don't like foreing food, so when we saw there would be "English food" in the hotel majestic, we naturally felt the holiday had been organised for people like us. If we had known that the hotel's idea of an "English Sunday lunch" was baked beans on toast, we would have gone to Ibiza as usuall. We might have put up with(aguantar) it if there had not been so much noise so much noise in the diningroom, but there were mor than a thousand people there. If I had been one of the poor writers, I would have gone mad!

I am sure that if the Cosmic directors had been booked on this holiday, they would have taken care to ensure that the promises made in their advetisements were kept.

Yours faithfully

Zoe Trimble



Useful language for reports

Introducing the report

The aim/purpose o£ this report

is to examine1

evaluate/describc/ outhe . . .

It wiil also include/consider/

suggest/recommend . . .

The report is based on a survey

conducted among (college


Predicting the future

The outlook for young people/

jobs/the country is

(far from) bright/optimistic/


The future looks bleak/remains

uncertain/is promising.

This seems unlikely in the

near/foreseeable future. (See

also vocabulary o£ Possibility

on page 209 of the Wordlist.)

Making recommendations

1 would (strongly) recommend

that (the school/company)

should . . .

In the light of the results of

the survey, 1 wonld (strongly)

advise against ...

1 feel it would be to our

advantage if . . .


The aim of this report is to show what different family members expect from a restaurant. The report is base on survey of 50 people aged between 8 and 45.


Several younger parents agreed that a family restaurant should have happy-charging facilities. Many of those under 16, on the other hand, felt that a non-smoking area was an important feature.

Parents' view on food

Most parents expected to see a wide range of dishes on the menu, caterin for all ages and tastes. Understandably, price is a significant factor and 80 per cent of those interviewed said ther preferred restaurants which offered cheaper children's portions.

What their children want to eat

Not surprisingly, over 90 per cent of those under 12 wanted chips with everything, whereas a large number of teenagers thought that a visit to a restaurant was an ideal opportunity to try new dishes.

Futher recommendations

As a result of the survey, I would recommend that the restaurant should offer reduced prices for large families. I also suggest extending the menu to include meals which are suitable for young children.


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