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-My favourite food is chiken and burger

-The hamburguer are a traditional food of usa

-The main ingredients are:

-Hamburguer bun

-Chicken or beef

-Lettuce tomato onion and cocumber

-Ketchup and mustard  mayonnasse

-Hambueguer can be pur hased in many places,including restaurant and fast food places.

-Like the chicken burguer with fries is a very quick meal to.

-The burgers and chicken annd chips is a meed known around the world.

-In my opinion this food is fine ,but be careful with cholesterol

Hi .look i'm on vacation in spain valencia

I will participate in the tomatina festival held in velencia.

Tomatina festival in celebrated in tradition to the streets and last a whole day.

Valencia is a very nice city that has its beaches and aquatic museoms.

These days in valencia were very nice because people are very beautiful.

Have tradition and customs and food are very different from auors.

Nothing good left to say bye bye I say good bye

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