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H: hello boys, haw are you?
Everybody: fine very well and you
H: I ‘am fine. I want invite all of you to a dinner
E: when and where?
H: my house Saturday day. See you my house.
O: aren’t you vegetarian Adrian?
H: I use to be but now. I’m crazy about steak, pork all meat.
M: Haven’t you telephone number to confirm. (Ask to Adrian).
H. yes I have. It is 9…………See you there.
Everybody: see you there. Ok.
Toc……toc, knock……..
(Door is open)
H: come in every body. Aren’t you hungry?
O: Yes I ‘am. Isn’t everything ready?
H: yes we sit down please.
E: where is the table?
H: over there.
M: I don’t have chair.
H: mmmmm… I get you one.
M: ok.
(Every body sit down on the table)
H: Please help yourself. Would you like some
Frijol con puerco? (ask to Eddi)
E: yes I’m crazy about
frijol con puerco. ..and the beverages are?
O: I bring coca an sprite.
M: Don`t you drink cola? (ask to Adrian)
H: No I don’t. I use to drink cola but now I drink more flavored watter.
M: Arepas!...I’m a big arepas eater.
O: What’s in it?
M: Corn flour, salt, white cheese and oil. Would you like some?
O: White cheese…I can’t stand it. I prefer
the tacos al pastor and some sprite.

E: The arepas are crunchy?
M: Yes, it’s crunchy and salty
E: I want 3 arepas and big glass of cola. Two
tacos de pastor too
H: Aren’t you on a diet?
E: I did use to on a diet but now I try eat some of everything. Two more tacos , one arepa another glass of cola.
H: I try the frijol con puerco and salad . I don’t care about Arepas.
O: the tacos are terrific!!. Ididn’t use to eat tacos but now I’m a tacos lover.
E: All the food are delicious. It`s salty and spicy.
M: I drink srpite. I’m avoiding the cola.
H: I’m glad the food like it. Meaby get meet to diner next Saturday.
Everybody: that’s a good idea.

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