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honor food preferences, dislijed food may aggravate nausea, offer small quantities of easly digestible foods at frequent internal, fat slowly, reduce food volume at meals,serve liquid after meal,suggest intake of toasted or dry white bread in the morning


focus on fluid and electrolytes replacement,during acute phase of diarrhea solid food may be withheld for 24 hours or longer.fluids may be limited to clear liquids,intake of frequent small amounts of bland foods maybe allow as tolerated.resume normal diet gradually

gastrointestinal gas:

discourage actions associated with swalloing,large amounts of air sucha as eating fast,chewing gum,or talk while eating,aoid flatunogenic foods such as: brocoli,pepper,radishes,cabbage,lectuce,cauliflower,onions,celery,egg plant.limit constipatin of carbonated beverages


avoid prolonged use or overuse of laxatives or enemas wich can cause laxative dependece,by interfering with normal bowel reflexes, evaluate the diet for adequacy of fluid volume,nutrient and fiber,increase fiber in the diet,and stress the importance of daily excercise,regular meal,regular defecation time.


cns depresant,used as solvent in medications.should be avoid with meds to prevent hepatic toxicity,cns depression increase the risk of GI irritation bleeding,decreased drug efects, encrease drug effect. sedation, confusion,respiratory depression,ampaired coordination

FATTOM: FOOD SOURCE: protein rich food, carbohydrated heat treated, ACID: PH> 4.6 or neutral, TIME: foods kept at favorable temperature for more than 4 hours, TEMPERATURE: 41-140°F danger zone., OXYGENE: growth while oxygene is present, MOISTURE


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