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Anar m cnte-look out
look up to
Anar direc-
make straight for
Ajornar-Put off
ApagarFoc-Put out
ApagarLlum-Switch off
Put up with
Atropellar-Run over
Apareixer-Show up
Asemblarse-Take after
Apuntar-Take down
Allunyar-Take off
Adoptar-Take on
Apagar-Turn off
Apuntar-Write down
Buscar-Look for
Bus,Infor-Look up
Considerar-Look on
Cedir el loc-Stand down
Començar-Start up
Come''a fer-Take up
Convertir'se-Turn into
Decebre-Let down
Deixar entr-let in
Deixar pass-Miss out in
Denuciar-Speak out against
Destacar-Stand out
Donar suport-Stand up for
Desarmar-Take apart
Escoltar-Listen in
Esperar m ilu-look forward to
Enviar un SMS-Pass on
Enviar-Send out
Escapar-se-Run away
Ensopegar-Run into
Encende luz-Switch on
Encendre TV-Turn on
Emprovarse-Try on

Funcionar-Work out
Guardar-Put away
Girar-se-Turn around
Girar-Turn over
Humiliar-Put down
Investigar-Look into
Inventarse-Make Up
Mantenir-s-Keep off
Menysprear-Look down on
Ometre-Leave out
Passar a-Move on to
Posar nom ..-Name after
Posar ropa-
Put on
Posar inter.-
Set up
Pay for
Passarse x-
Stop by
Participar en-Take apart in
Presentarse-Turn up
Quedarse sin-Run out of
Look back on
Retornar-Pay back
Recollir-Pick up
Representar-Stand for
Retractar-se-Take off
Rebutjar-Turn Down
Resultar-Turn out
Seguir-Keep on
Sortir-Set off/out
Tenir cura-Look after
Triar-Pick out
Treure-Pull out
Treure llevar-Take away
Treure-Take out
Trucar-Ring up
Tornar-Turn back
Prendre part-Join in

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