English Vocabulary 1

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1. Alibi: the proof that you were elsewhere when a crime happened; coartada2. Ashtray: a small metal or glass bowl for the ash from cigarettes; cenicero3. Bandit: a robber; bandido4. Boiler: a big metal container with a fire, used to provide hot water; caldera5. Chauffeur: someone employed to look after and drive a person's car; chofer6. Clerk: a person who works in a bank, office, or store; empleado7. Client: someone who goes to a professional for help; cliente8. Cop: a policeman; policía9. Coroner: an official responsible for the investigation of violent or sudden deaths; juez de instrucción10. Cripple: someone who cannot move their body properly because of an injury, illness, or disease; lisiado11. Crutch: a long stick placed under the arm to help a person who has difficulty in walking; muleta12. Duchess: the wife of widow of a duke; duquesa13. Executed: put to death as a punishment; ejecutar14. Fiancé: the man (woman) you are engaged to marry; prometido15. Fingerprint: a mark made by a finger showing the lines on the skin; huella dactilar16. Flashlight: an electric torch; linterna17. Fool: to deceive; engañar18. Gasoline / gas: petrol (fuel for cars); gasolina19. Governess: a woman employed by a family to educate their children; institutriz20. Graze: a scratch or slight injury to the skin; rasguño21. Gutting: robbing, often accompanied by burning and destroying; ataque terrorista22. Hairdresser: a person who washes and cuts people's hair; peluquero23. Hand grenade: a small container filled with explosive and thrown by hand; granada24. Hypocrite: a person who pretends to believe or feel something they do not; hipócrita

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