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1 Liz : Hi,
I´m Liz nice to neet you Pat.
Pat : nice to neet you too.
Liz : What
 is your last name?
Past : It´s Smith.
2 Pat : How
old are you Liz?
Liz :
I´m Twenty
3 Liz :
are you from United States?
Pat : No, I´m not.
4 Liz :
is your first language English?
Pat : yes,
Peter : How is that girl?
Liz : She is my friend,
her name is Ana.
6 Pam :
Whose socks are these?
They are sara´s.
7 July : What
are you wearing now(Dany).
Dany : It´s hot here, so
I´m wearing a T-shirt right now.
8 Is she cooking now?
you : no she
is not , she is Watching Tv
9 Do you drive to Inacap?
No, I
ride my bike.
10 Does your brother work?
No. He
11 What time do get up?
I get up early
On Tuesday, I have lunch at 1:00 PM
13 my brother Hector
Doesn´t lunch at home
lunches at a restaurant every day.
14 Does your house have yard?
yes, it
15 What
do you do?
´m a nurse.
16 Liz : We
don´t have any chicken at home right?
Pit : yes let´s buy
17 Can you play the guitar, kate?
No, I can´t.
When do you Swin?
19 What
are you going to do next sunday?
I´m going to work.

19 What are you going to do next sunday?
I´m going to work.
20 Javier
Take Two aspirins and don´t work too hard.
21 Excuse me,
where is Inacap Institute?
on the road to thno.
22 A: Tell me about your last weebend Erik
B: well, I just
stayed home and watched TV
23 A: When
was Karla born?
B: I think she
was born in 1989 in stgo.
24 The firestation is
at freire street.
25 when do you study?
every day

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