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What = Que
Where = Donde
How = Como
How often = Cuan a menudo
When = Cuando
What Time = A que hora
How long = Cuanto tiempo

Wh + did + pp + verb + object?
-What did you do last night?
I watched tv
-He played tennis for 2 hours yesterdey
how long did he play tennis yesterday?
when did he play tennis for 2 hours?

pp+have/has+past participle+complemento

pp+have/has+not+past participle+complemento

have/has+pp+past participle+complemento?

-Where did you go last weekend?
I went to the montains
-Have you studied for the english yest?
Yes, I have
-Have you ever eaten pizza?
Yes, I have
-What are you plans for next weekend?
Go to the beach and play tennis
-Are you going to a party tonight?
No, I don't
-Is your father travelling to stgo in saturday?
No, he isn't
-When did you finish high school?
in 2004
-Do you think that english will help you in the future?yes, no why?
yes, because is very important, to read books, to work in a enterprise

going to
Im going to the cinema this weekend
Im going to play tennis this weekend
Im going to party this weekend

Next year I'll be in Conce
Next year I'll buy a new car
Next year I'll get married

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