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Mrs. Wilson have a test for you. It's called, tenga una prueba para usted. Lo llaman
( "Are you a perfect pupil?" tu erse un alumno perfecto
Sara That's easy! Yes, we're perfect! ¡Esto es fácil! ¡Sí, somos perfectos!
Mrs. Wilson Well, let's see. Question 1: Are bien , vaya a ver. Pregunta 1: Son

Sara No, l'm never late for school. yo nunca llego tarde ala escuela

Mrs. Wilson Question 2: Do you ever forget tus sienpre te olvidas tu cauadreno
your hornework? Ricky?
Ricky Homework? Well, I sometimes tarea? yo aiveces olvido mi tarea
forget my homework.
Mrs. Wilson Question 3: Jason, are you ever jason tu esta nervioso antes de una prueba
nervous before a test?
Jason Test? What test? prueba k prueba
Mrs. Wilson It's okay, Jason. I think the estabien jason yo peinso la respuesta
answer's "Yes
Mrs. Wilson Question 4: Do you ever draw tu sienpre dibujas en clase eimy
pictures in class?
Amy Yes, I often draw pictures in si yo amenudo dibujo cuadros en clases
class. Look!

Mrs. Wilson Question 5: Do you always pay si tu sienpre prestas atencion en clases nik are you ever late for school? No, l'm not
attention ¡n class? Nick? ... Nick NO, never
. .. NICK!
Nick I usually pay attention in class. yo por lo general presto atencion en clases do you ever forget you homework? YES, I DO
Mrs. Wilson? YES , sometimes
Mrs. Wilson What's the matter, Nick? ke pasa nick
Nick Are you ever impatient in class? tu estas inpaciente en clases
Ricky You're in trouble, Nick. tu estas en prolema nick


1 you / go
to school by car / ever? 5.she / listen to the radio before school / ever?
do you ever goto school by car?             does she ever listen to the radio before school?

2. he / be
late for school / ever? 6 .you / be nervous / ever?
. is he ever late for school? do you ever nervous?

3. you /
go swimming on Saturdays / ever? 7. he / forget his his homework/ever?
do you ever go swimming on Saturdays ?         does he ever forget his his homework?

4. they / be in
Vermont ¡n August/ ever? 8.you /play soccer on the weekends / ever?
do they ever in Vermont ¡ n August?               do you ever play soccer on the weekends?

1 nieceSc (
science) 1. pencil D eraser g
2 tHrisoy (history) 2. calculator c backpack k
3 hagyporeG (
geography) 3 dictionary f ruler b
4 r At (
art) 4 folder e sharpener j
5 cuMis
music 5 pen a exercise book i
6 signeD cynoghoTel (
deseng tecnologhy) 6 pencil case h

Grammar check
|y| Complete these sentences using the verb ¡n the correct form.
brush do get* go have listen play stay take clean watch

I get home at four o'clock. My sister gets home at half past four.
2 You
brush  your teeth after breakfast. My brother brushes his teeth after school!
3 Yóu
clean your room every day. My mother cleans my room.
4 You
play  soccer after school. My brother_plays
video games.
5 I
watch gymnastícs on TV. My father watchs_ football.
6 Yóu
take the dog for a walk in the morning. My brother takes \\\\Q3the dog for a walk after school.
7 I
do     my homework ¡n the living room. My sister does her homework in her bedroom.
8 I
go to bed at nine o'clock. My brother goes to bed at ten.
9 I
listento American pop music on the radio. My friend listens to Brazilian music.
10 I
stay up late on Saturday night. My dog never stays up |ate
11 I
 have  breakfast in the kitchen. My sister has breakfast ¡n bed.


1 don't/ my/ live/ school / near/ I 1.  My grandmother__________teddy bears
I don't live near my school. _ A collect C^colle5s> C don't collect
2  weekends / are / bored / you / on / ever / ? 2. Eva Vs a s two brothers and a sister.
are you ever bored on weekends
                                   A has ^            B ha ve C haven/t                                                          _
3 ever / your / does / homework / your / do / mother / ? 3. We_____a dog.
does your mother ever do you homeword
A hasn't B) don't have^> C aren't
4.games / am / usually / I / before / nervous 4_____my pen?
I AM usually nervous before games
A Has you B You have c )do you have
5 cats / friend / has / my / a / dog / two / and
my friends has a dog and two cats
5."Does he have a computer?" "_____"
-often / bed / do / mu?ic / ¡n / listen / to / you / ?  A Yes, he does.  B No, he don't. C Yes, he ¡s.
do you often lsiten to music bed
6. When_____Sabrina go to bed?
A has
B does C ¡s

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