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The placeI wantto describe,isvery niceand beautiful,isfullofpeaceandtranquility,I'mveryquietthere,this placehasseatssourcesbinsandtrees.
the place is used for many things, to pass the time, made a goodday, or have a snack, also used to play soccer, baseball or rugby
In conclucion is a nice place, you can use it worldwide, is a publicplace, and should not get dirty, and break objects, everyone shouldgo to the park


It isacountrywhichisvery touristy,and verybeautifuland romantic,isaplacetogotothe beachorsightseeingculturalor artistic,isoneofthefashion capitals
this place called Italy and has a lot of beautiful cities, which can betourism. official language is Italian, a language similar to Spanish
Most people young and old should go to Italy, is a highly recommended place worldwide

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