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Fisical Features:
I Am A Midheight Person, I Have Clear Skin, Thin, My Hair Is Black, And My Eyes Are Brown
Personal Features:
I'm A Carismatic Person, Happy, I Like The Videogames, I Love Rock!, I Am A Good Friend, I Hate Maths, I Play The Guitar, And I Love Swim

 My name is Sebastian, I am going to talk about my family.
My mother is Ana Maria. She is sixty-four years old. She has brow eyes, her eyes are very big. she has a small nose but her mouth and her ears are very big.
She has short brown hair, my mother has a thin face and she has the tanned face, because she goes to the beach every weekend. My mother is slim and she is short. My mother is a beautiful person because she is a friendly person and she has a happy face.She is a housewife.
My father is Fernando. He is seventy-two years old. He is older than my mother.
My father has blue eyes, He has a aquiline nose, he has a round face, he has the rosy cheeks. My father has moustache and he has a scar in the face.
My dad is bald like me, he is tall and fat. 
He is a serious face, he is conservative and very strict but he is the best father.
I have got one sister, her name is Antonia Mª, she has brown eyes, she has a weather-beaten face. My sister has a mole in the cheek and she has a birthmark in the leg. she has long dark hair, her hair is lank. My sister is slim and she is very pretty.
Bye, see you soon

weird raro, extraño 
self-confident: to be self-confident seguro de sí mismo: tener confianza en sí mismo 
sensible sensato, prudente; 
sensitive sensible 
dull, boring soso, aburrido 
mean tacaño 
stubborn terco, testarudo, tozudo 
hard-working trabajador 
laid-back tranquilo, relajado 
shy - introverted tímido, vergonzoso - introvertido 
brave valiente

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