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Describe what you can do at home and in your town to protect the environment||Problems such as global warming make us worry about the way we are taking care of the environment. Not only governments are responsible, we can also take measures to protect the environment||There are easy-to-do things that we can do at home. We should save water by taking showers instead of baths. Keeping the water running when we brush our teeth or shave is something we should avoid doing. Moreover, there are also things we can do every day to save electricity. For example, we can turn the lights off whenever we leave a room and use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use less electricity than other bulbs||In our town, there are recycling bins that we should use to recycle our paper, glass and plastic rubbish. Keeping the parks clean and using public transport is also essential to reduce pollution||In short, protecting the environment is a task that we should all be involved in||Discuss the advantages of being vegetarian||Many people have become vegetarians alter the problems with certain kinds of meat such as, mad cow disease, bird flu and problems of pollution in the sea affecting the fish. There are now many vegetarian restaurants||The main advantage of this type of diet is that fruit and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals, most of them are eaten fresh,many raw||Nevertheless this type of diet does not provide all the necessary nutrients such as proteins for health; another disadvantage would be when you are invited to eat with friends you will be very limited to what you can eat||In conclusion, in our present society there are probably more drawbacks in being a vegetarian. Perhaps, the healthiest option is somewhere in between||Discuss the advantages and disadvantages you find in homeworking||When considering the option of working from home I can find both advantages and disadvantages, not having to commute to your place of work each morning is a definite advantage saving money and the stress of the rush hour. The other advantage is being ableto eat at home which is both cheaper and healthier||However, I would say there are more drawbacks than advantages because having to organize your own time means that self-discipline and good organization are essential although you can take a break when you want to||On the other hand if you work at home, there is the possibility of having more contact with the family but this could also mean more

distractions.Working from home also involves working alone. So I think that I would prefer to suffer the stress of the rush hour but have the support and companionship of colleagues||Do you believe in vampires, ghosts or other supernatural forces? Why or why not?||Many people are attracted to the world of vampires and ghosts, as we can see from the success of current TV programmes and films. However, I am neither a fan of this type of stories nor do I believe in them||Nevertheless, I must admit that this has not always been the case. When I was a child I was scared by this type of films, and whenever someone began to tell a horror story involving ghosts and monsters, I would try to leave the room unnoticed||As I grew older, I realised that vampires, ghosts, monsters, and suchlike are just the product of the over creative imagination of writers. It is true that some people admit having seen ghosts, but then again, none of them can prove it. So, why should we be frightened by something that might not exist after all?||Do you think animals really have emotional lives like humans? Discuss||First of all it is necessary to differentiate among the different classes of animals as some are much more primitive creatures than others. For example there is no ground for comparison between the earthworm and the chimpanzee||I think it would be very difficult to prove that the earthworm has an emotional life similar to man. On the other hand more superior creatures, for example the apes or dolphins show an emotional activity expressing anger, happiness and

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