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Medio ambiente

Can someone help fight pollution? Actually,yes. You along with scientists, businesses and governments can create paths to cut carbon emissions. Here is ideas to some of the planet's for help. Here are some ideas to help the planet.

People can do this to help the environment. We have to shut off lights and water faucets open. Use energy saving light bulbs. Turn off appliances when we're not using. Use more public transport and cycling.

Governments and scientists could help the environment by putting more recycling bins in parks and streets. Promote alternative energy. Putting more buses. Put energy saving light bulbs in the streets.

My conclusion is, if not help the environment will be destroyed. Can we help you? I think if we need to recycle more and less use the car!

Dinero publico

Governments could improve the lives of people investing more public money on things for the people.


First, governments should assist families who can not afford to live. Also, to help create jobs. Improving health care and education. Place parks for young children and childcare. This would help the population!

Another thing you can do is help the environment, how? Changing light bulbs with low consumption. Putting more buses. Promote renewable energy. All this helps the environment and creates jobs!

My conclusion is that governments can do many things to help with public money but they seem unwilling to do so.

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