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DESCRIPCIÓN FAMOSO: Cameron Diaz is tall and pretty. She is blond and she has the blue eyes. Cameron is a woman of clear skin. She is a very famous actress in Hollywood's, but she isn't conceited, is modest and nice. Cameron is very hard-working and those who work with her say that she is a nice and good-natured. Cameron has realized thirty movies. Before she was very ugly, but now she is very pretty.

VENTAJAS Y DESVENTAJAS: The famous have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the famous: they have a lot of money and there can be bought everything what they want; they receive many gifts; they don't worry for the things of the house not about the care of the children; they travel to many places; they have several cars and houses; they go out in movies and in the television, etc. The disadvantages of the famous: the paparazzi to prosecute them to all the places where they go; rumors are created on them; they can be murdered for the fan who they has anger; they can be kidnapped; they can steal them, etc.

VIDA PRIVADA: The famous is always harassed by the paparazzi. This they have private life very small. This is due to the fact that the paparazzi don't stop to prosecuting and to say rumors in opposition to them or to favor them. In my opinion I believe that the famous must have little mas of life private, since they are normal and current persons. Though always we must know something of them, since it is for the paparazzi and for the rumors for which they are more famous. Another problem of famous some is the harassment suffered by the fans, since these want  to know everything of his idols. All that has to be sressful for a person, since we all need moments of intimacy and that nobody knows of these moments.

TIPO 1: false, false, false, false. LISTENING: 1.-2 o 9 años//2.-celebrites//3.-the false stories about...//4.-//5.-//6.-//7.-//8.-depressed......(hay una correcta que termina por huele).

TIPO 2: false, false, true, true

PAPARAZZI: The paparazzi are journalists who to prosecute to the stars of cinema, singers, in conclusion every person who is famous. These are very heavy, since they don't stop not even to breathe the famous. The paparazzi go all the places where the famous go, already be to a concert, to a holiday and party or even up to the door of his house. The advantages of the paparazzi: they keep the public informed about everything what they make the famous; they tell things of the life of these, etc. The disadvantages of the paparazzi: they don't stop to live through the famous; they can cause accidents; they say false rumors of the famous, etc The paparazzi have good things and bad things, but they must allow that the famous should have provacidad.

ASPECTO: There are persons who don't feel well with his physical aspect because of it they decide to change it. There are people who surrenders to the surgery to change some part of his body. The part of the body that the people are in the habit of fixing up is the nose, the lips, the chest and the buttocks. The persons with overweight tend to surrender to an operation to reduce the stomach and the volume. There are people who surrenders to this operation without having overweight, since they don't like to have belly. These persons surrender to operations because they think that they see the ugly people or because always they listen to insults towards her. In my opinion the people must be satisfied with his physical aspect, since if she is like that it mustn't change because the people insult him.

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