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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages you find in homeworking.
When considering the option of working from home I can find both advantages and disadvantages, not having to commute to your place of work each morning is a definite advantage saving money and the stress of the rush hour. The other advantage is being ableto eat at home which is both cheaper and healthier.However, I would say there are more drawbacks than advantages because having to organize your own time means that self-discipline and good organization are essential although you can take a break when you want to. On the other hand if you work at home, there is the possibility of having more contact with the family but this could also mean more distractions.Working from home also involves working alone. So I think that I would prefer to suffer the stress of the rush hour but have the support and companionship of colleagues.Have you ever had a pet? Write about the experience.We have a family pet, it is an african grey parrot who dominates our house. When we get up in the morning the parrot greets us with a cheerful " good morning" which is repeated until it is given its breakfast or fruits and nuts. We have also taught him to say a limited number of phrases such us "you are very pretty", which makes it very popular with our female visitors. We have grown very fond of it, and consider it almost a member of the family.The only negative thing about the parrot is the daily cleaning of the cage but apart from that it requires little attention. It is a constant companion because it is always "talking" so you never feel alone in its presence. !It even sings along with you!.

Do you think that the State should promote or forbid some kinds of food?I think that the State cannot forbid some kinds of food but it does have the responsability to educate and inform the general public helping them to form healthier eating habits such as including more fresh foods and vegetables in their diets;and advicing them against the abuse of fast food and encouraging more traditional home cooking.In the long run, money would be saved as the population becomes healthier and illnesses caused by abuses of food and another substances that could be avoided.It would be impossible for any government to forbid the consumption of certain types of food. This would be an infringement of individuals rights but obviously some control should be necessary to prevent food in bad conditions being sold in the market.Have you ever had a job? Describe your experience.When I was sixteen I worked as a counsellor at a children´s camp during the summer holidays working with children from nine to fourteen. I had to organize activities and generally supervise the kids.The type of activities that were organized where mainly sporting activities such as baseball , volleyball and water sports including swimming and waterpolo; I also supervised some cerative activities such as dramatic representations by the children and art work. It was hard work but also a lot of fun, this being the first time I had ever had the responsability for a job. At first I found this difficult but by the end of the summer I found I enjoyed it.All in all, it was a positive experience. I met a lot of people and made new friends which I still keep in touch with.

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