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A: CTK Electronics. Good morning B: Hello, could you put me through to Oliver Chan, please?
A: I'm afraid he's away from the office B: Oh dear. Do you know when he'll back?
A: Not until next week, I'm afraid. Can somebody else help you? B: Well, I'm afraid we're having problems with some of the parts you've sent us
A: I see. Technical Services should be able to help you B: Yes, that sounds like the right department
A: I'll put you through to Jorge Casso, then C: Technical Services. Jorge Casso speaking
B: Oh, hello, my name is Claudette Peuser, I'm from Tyson Scotts C: Good morning, Ms Peuser. How can I helo you?
B: Well, we bought some special parts from you and... C: Do you have the code numbers for them, Ms Peuseur?
B: Yes, they're all from the DE 1065 range C: Yes, that's a specially designed range, I think
B: That's right C: What seems to be the problem with them?
B: Well, I'm afraid they're not exactly the right dimensions

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