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Gerunds: apreciate, dislike, keep, practise, delay, enjoy, miss, risk, discuss, finish, put off, suggest, postpone, imagine, mind, feel like, can't help, give up, can't stand, be used to, get used to, there's/it's no use, be worth Infinitives: afford, agree, arrange, decide, hope, manage, plan, prepare, promise, refuse, make up, up to, turn out, be about, advise, enable, invite, persuade, tell, allow, forbid, order remind, want, convince, force, permit, teach, warn Tots dos: advise, allow, begin, can't bear, can't stand, cease, hate, like, love, permit, recommend, start, continue.

state-estat terms-condició seminar-seminari degree-títol co-educational-cole mixta private-privat primary-primari tutorial-tutorial graduate-graduat nursery school-guarderia grant-beca secondary-secundari lecture-lectura break up-s'acaba l'escola compulsory-obligatori fees-taxes academic-academic RS - is seeing was seeing sees saw saw had seen has seen had seen will see would see is going to see was going to see can see could see MDLS may, might possibilitat could- capacitat should -hauria would. -ria PV makes is made is making is being made made was made was making was being made has made has been made had made had been made will make will be made would make would be made

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