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Dear Peter, I'm writing to ask you if you would like to come to my
house for the next holidays.My parents are going to go out and I
would be very happy if you came to my house.--Our holidays'll be
very interesting.We can go ti visit a lot of things.We can go out
later than usual and can go to nightclubs, to the football stadium
an so on.One day we can go to see the monuments in my city,
they are beautifull,after that in the afternoon we can go to see a
match,and at night we can go to nightclub,it'll be fantastic for sure.
You could come to my house for one month and if you are
happy and like it,you can stay one more.--Say hello to your family
from me.I send one kiss for them.Please, answer me as soon as
possible to prepare everything for you.--All the best, jon

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