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Antónimos safe≠dangerous top≠bottom interesting≠boring nature≠intature to tidy≠to mess to get worse≠to get better fair≠anfair death≠life harrw≠wude/broad to pull≠ push tight≠ loowe lie≠ truth to lie≠ to tell the truth arival≠ departure to take off≠ to land question≠ answer to ask≠ to answer to ask≠ to reply to hate≠ to love/to like above≠ below narrow≠ broad forwards≠ backwards take off≠ put on on time≠delayed land≠low to die≠to live to be proud of≠as homed of dead≠alive to admit≠deny to fill≠to empty guilty≠inocent beguin≠finish/to end lose≠win full≠empty

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