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A relative difference:FThis similarity has.. chimpanzees .Fdevelopment and.. of that now/aWith the cranium of opposing fossil this year can demonstrate that the people and the chimpanzees are the surviving only one of a great diversity of creatures similar to a monkey through that they have lived mas of five million yearsbThe most important difference has been the development of language in humans that has had important consequences in our lifestyle/ link, skull,leap forward, seemingly/you don't ask him a question, he won't speak to you,had to do it at once,difficult for us to do,is being investigated by some policeman.
Amphibian Decline:TThe discovery .. disaster.FOf these.. endangered/aclimate changes affect amphibians before any other species because his permeable skin makes them sensitive to the climate change and pullutionbThe amphibians live in all kinds of habitat because they adapt to every weather and conditions, amphibians are presents in aquatic and terrestrial habitats and in almost all the continents less in atlantida./ comprehensive,since,drastic,remarkable/continues,will rise,was created,protecting,caused,most important,polluting,to.
Coetzee wins Nobel Prize:FThe Nobel.. NabokovFCoetzee.. novel/abecausethe judges have been influenced by political factors. Sometimes the quality of the texts they were not a reason to give the prize.bBefore writing his first novel Coetzee worked for IBM in London and later became a professor of Literature in the United States and finally in Cape Town/ unquestionably, wholly,assumptions,swiftly/
who,last,winning,received,whose,was not chosen,about,his.
Dragons:TTo the Chinese..luckFAll these..fire/aDragons in Scandinavia were seen as evil and dangerous monsters. On the other hand, the Greeks considered dragons virtuous and intelligent creatures. for both cultures dragons are powerful and strong creaturesb.It is imposible that the dinosaur was serving as source of inspiration of the figure of the dragoon since these went out before the human beings were appearing in the land but later and enormous lizards that coexisted with the human beings can have inspired the figure of the dragoon/,clever, guarding, resemble, submerged/have formed,to know,was seen,because,largest,bigger,that dragons had played an important role in his life.

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