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Do you think the government should control TV programmes? Discuss.in my opinion there are many programmes that could offend certain members of the public and whilst return of censorship should not be an option certain measures should be taken.
There should be a system for the government to control TV programmes without being a kind of censorship.There could be, for instance, a team of experts appointed by the government who would be in charge of ensuring that the different TV channels come to an agreement on certain principles concerning the quality of programmes, publicity and ethical questions.
State TV should not be used for government propaganda, but should offer quality viewing to the audience. This implies being impartial with the news they brodcastoffering cultural programmes at reasonable times of the day and shortening the time given to publicity.
Finally, costs should be controlled in order to reduce the enormous TV public deficit that we all pay through our taxes.

Are tattooed people fully accepted in our present society? Discuss.
Tattoos are fashionable today and more and more people are getting tattooed. However, I think not all of them are fully accepted in our society.
Many famous people have tattoos on their bodies and they are not only fully accepted but also highly admired by many young people. But most people have to hide their tattoos because they are unaccepted in the place they work at. In my opinion, it is at the workplace where tattoos are least accepted. For example, how would we react if we were operated by a surgeon whose body was full of tattoos? Moreover, news presenters do not have visible tattoos on their bodies, neither do executives, politicians, lawyers, or many other professionals.
To conclude, I sadly believe that nowadays a person wearing a tattoo is still seen by society as a less competent and proficient person.

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