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No bebas tanto:don't drink so much
ellas no tienen razón,están equivo:
they arent' right,they´re wrong.
préstame unas pocas monedas:
lend me a few coins.
habia demasiada gente:
there were to many people.
esta sopa sabe mal:
this tostes is bad.
qué tiempo hizo ayer?:
what was the weather like yesterday?
mira como canto:
watch me sing.
puede que haya un examen:
they may be an exam
debe haber alguien dentro:
there must be somebody inside.
debería haber más dinero:
there should be more money
3/-------- to talk: talking
stop: to stop
case: notice
remember: remind (of)
they: them
lend: pay
leave: give up
dropped: put off
andry: filthy
boiling: exhausted
5/---------what happened to them?
he takes part in the film
trust in me
we were successful in our company
she is willing to play
I managed to live find
6/---------- 1:tastes of
3: belongs to/pay for
4: depend on/from...into
5: aprove of
6: acuse of
7: spend on
8: knock at

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