Write 3 sentences in simple past

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walk for 4 blocks , turn left , walk for 3 blocks, next to right.
What are you doing right now :I am doing the review
What does your sister usually do at 11:00 pm: she studied in the school
What were you doing yesterday at 7:00 pm: Yesterday was in the English learning
Where did your mother go yesterday:my mom went to work:. my best friend is tall in fat and short hair is black and his eyes are black.
Write 5 sentences with possessive adjectives :
1.- this is his new booK
2.- this is her orange
3.- that is their computer
4.- He is my new friend
5.- there are our flowers

object pronouns ( son “me, you, her, him, it, us, them”)
Write 3 sentences in simple past. Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative (6points)
Aff/ I ate burger yesterday
Neg/ I didn´t eat burguer yesterday
Did I eat burguer yesterday?

Write 3 sentences in present progressive. Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative(4 points):
she is playing soccer now
she isn´t playing soccer now
is she playing soccer now?
Lenguages: Spanish, English, Italian, French and Japanese
Natianalities: Peruvian, Italian, Portuguese, chinese, colombian,canadian,german
Countries: England, Peru, Italy Germany, France, China, Colombia .

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