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bare:desnudo;surface:superficie;reached for:alcanzado por;breathtaking:asombroso;running out:quedando sin;leisure:ocio;steel:acero;skyscraper:rascacielos;stone:piedra;glass:cristal;concrete:cemento;office block:edifiios de oficinas;bridge:puente;store:tienda;mall:centro comercial;spacecraft:naveespacial;cockpit:cabina;narrow:estrecho;spacious:espacioso;lift:ascensor;pavement:acera.dawntown:centro de la ciudad.

-Ottawa is de capital of Canada, it is the second largest city in Ontario and the fourth largest city in the country. It is really multicultural and it has many historic sites.-Ottawa borders with Gatineau, Québec, and together they form the National Capital Region (NCR). When you walk aroud the city you can see how clean it is; actually, it is the second cleanest city in Canada and the third in the world. It is known for its ancient Parliament Buildings, the luxurious Château Laurier, the crowed Byward Market and the amazing National Gallery. It also offers many stylish boutques, well-known museums, theaters, fascinating galleries, cafes, local bars and nightclubs.-In conclusion, Ottawa is a good and peaceful city to live. It is not as polluted and crowed as others and I really liked it. You should go!

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